Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by photography and videography. I started out with disposable cameras, capturing special moments in my family trips. As I got older, my passion and ability to tell visual stories grew. I explored analog and digital photography, looking for my own style. My interest in skateboarding videos coming from the United States and climbing led me to become a professional photographer and videographer.

I studied audiovisuals and mastered editing and post-production to create captivating images. As a climbing specialist, I combine my audiovisual experience with my passion for this sport. Let’s have a coffee and talk about your project!



Whether in individual photographs, series of images or entire galleries, we seek to convey the energy and beauty of climbing through our photographs. We strive to create powerful and memorable images that inspire others to explore the vertical world and immerse themselves in the wonderful experience of climbing.


In our videography team, we are dedicated in capturing the essence of climbing through powerful and exciting videos. Using high-quality equipment and cinematographic techniques, we take viewers to experience the adrenaline and beauty of climbing.


The aim of the edition is to capture the essence of climbing and lead people to immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of this sport. Whether through promotional short films, documentaries or event videos, we are committed to delivering a final product that inspires, excites and motivates climbing enthusiasts and general viewers alike.